A very warm and sincere welcome to the website of St. Joseph's School. Whether you are a current parent seeking information, a student visiting a teacher's web page, an ex-student looking for information about events and former classmates, or a prospective family exploring the possibility of admission, we hope that this site will provide you with this piece of information.

The sacred mission of St. Joseph is the education of girls and young women from Kindergarten to the Secondary stage. We believe that our commitment to a tradition of excellent education creates the space where each student has every opportunity to maximize her potential, investigate and express her gifts, and where each teacher explores and cultivates the best in each girl.

Our Catholic heritage provides each girl at our school, regardless of her religious background, with a comfortable environment for learning and studying. The dedicated and highly qualified teachers take the time to know each girl individually. They are committed to the belief that girls learn in unique ways that only a school like our can nurture.